OUR Wines

In 2017 we chose six different grapes for their early budding and ripening characteristics and distinct flavour profiles, ranging from refreshing hedgerow fruit to ripe peaches and passionfruit. 

We selected disease resistant hybrid varieties for their high disease tolerance, suitability for cool climates and reduced need for chemical inputs. Our vineyard adopts a regenerative approach and no synthetic fungicides or herbicides are used.

Our wines are unfiltered, unfined and fermented with indigenous wild yeast. They reflect the unique discrete wildness of the Welsh land they're grown on. We make them in collaboration with organic winemaker Mark Smith at Black Mountain Vineyard, just across the border in Herefordshire.

Whinyard Rocks Col Fondo 2021 Welsh Natural Low Intervention Wine
Whinyard Rocks Pet Nat 2021 Welsh Natural Low InterventionWine

Col Fondo

A sparkling red made with 100% Rondo grapes in the Italian 'ancestral method' of re-fermentation in the bottle without disgorgement


Pet Nat

A naturally lightly sparkling skin contact orange wine made with Ortega and Solaris grapes

coming AUTUMN 2022

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coming Late 2022 / SPRING 2023

Still Red

A still red wine made with Rondo and Regent 

Traditional Method

A sparkling wine made with Phoenix grapes

Whinyard Rocks Col Fondo 2021 Pipette from Barrel Welsh Natural Low Intervention Wine
riddling small.jpg
Whinyard Rocks Pet Nat with sediment 2021 Welsh Natural Low Intervention Wine